Little Windmill Clothing Co

"Tammy" Semi Fitted Women's Ruffle Stripe Contrast Polo Dress


Little Windmill Clothing's style of what a polo should be, is now a DRESS for WOMEN! This is a unique polo dress, that has been designed for tough wear, comfort, and style. Our polo dress standouts with their beautiful puff sleeve, contrasting signature ruffle collar and button line. 

Women's Polo dress have a statement feature of contrasting patterned material inside the collar and down the button line. Standout with our signature ruffled collar neckline with detailed ruffle button holes, sporting pink buttons and a our simple embroidery on chest. A small contrast coloured split on each side of the hem for ease of movement and for busy women. Breathable cotton fabric and comfortable soft fit.  

The Fit - The dresses are designed to not hug but follow your curves, being slightly semi loose to allow you to feel your best. They have been designed to have a feminine touch in shape to give a non-baggy look. 

Whether you need a dress to simply throw on and run out the door, a dress that looks smart, and stylish for a lunch date or a party. This dress will have your turning heads.  These all round country style polo dresses will be the one you will reach for, easy to wash and wear over and over. You must feel it to really appreciate how unbelievably soft this fabric is, it is a delight. Polo's always have a place in our wardrobes and special ones are hard to come by. This dress will be one that will certainly be a favourite!

  • Eco-friendly
  • Ethically made 
  • Australia designed 
  • 65% Cotton + 35% Poly
  • Women's style to Girl's Mini Match