Little Windmill Clothing Co

"Dallas" Simple Navy Green Gingham Shirt



Boy, oh boy! This shirt is fresh, crisp and ready for any boy, any occasion, anywhere!

This is a statement shirt, that has been designed for sun safe wear, comfort and style. Our shirts are unique with their contrasting cuffs, placket button down and collars. The small details of contrast detail down the front and cuffs, makes theses shirts be the favourites in the wardrobe. Whether your little one needs a great shirt for riding, sun safe shirt for the beach or a nice shirt to wear out. Our little button up's will be the one you will reach for, easy to wash and wear over and over. 

Our shirts have slightly extra body length to help maintain a tucked in look to jeans and sleeve length is a touch length for the reach and coverage of arms. Contrasting details,  sleeves and collar makes the shirts standout. The added buttons on the collars, keep the shirt neat while playing or small hands pulling at collars. These shirts are designed for kids, made tough and comfortable 100% cotton. 

These shirts have all the extras, hard to find in just any country shirt. A delightful green with a navy gingham, has this a simple but beyond handsome shirt. Its a shirt that can be worn to a rodeo, then a wedding or no occasion needed! 

  • Eco-friendly
  • Ethically made
  • Australian designed
  • 100% Cotton