Cuties By Zooties

Kids Hi Vis Jumpsuit


Do your kids want to be just like their Mum/Dad, Aunt’s/Uncles or even Grandparents, when it comes to “working hard” on the yard or out on the property?

Hi Viz workwear to help your little ones be seen whilst working and playing safe!
Cuties by Zootys offers a range of quality workshirts for kids who want to look just like mum or dad when they’re hard at work.

Made from 100% cotton and featuring high-visibility, reflective bands, these durable shirts are a great way to help your little ones emulate their heroes while playing it safe.
The are available in sizes 00 through to 12 in navy, orange, blue, pink, hot pink, hot pink & navy, yellow & navy, and a range of colour combinations, so there’s something for every little worker.

So next time you’re looking for a gift your kids will love, buy workshirts for kids online with Australia’s leaders in quality children’s workwear